Houston, we have text!

One thing that I’m really particular over in games is the way text is displayed in dialogue. I finally worked out a system that displays text the way I want it. Now I can start implementing text into the project. How exciting!

Welcome to Anders Kidwell.com!

Welcome! I see you’ve made it. I tried to decide for a long time if I wanted to open a website again. Ultimately I got a really good deal on the domain name and still had the server space! So here it is! Anders Kidwell.com!

So what is Anders Kidwell.com for?
Well I’m glad you asked, basically it’s my site to throw my art and projects on. So here’s so things you should see here:

  • Art
  • Finished projects, demos, and prototype games.
  • Development Log of my thoughts while working on games.
  • Rants about video games or whatever random shit comes out.
  • Youtube videos I make.

I hope this site becomes my own cozy little place on the webs. And if you’re here I hope you find what it is you’re looking for.

Anders Kidwell